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Email us at contact@thespicetailor.com. Our customer support team, who are based in the UK, operate during standard UK office hours. We will ensure we respond to every customer. However, we are a small team, so please allow us a few days to get back to you. You can also call us on 180 0901 6692, but please be aware that we aren’t able to answer calls at all times. Please leave a message or send us an email and we will get back to you. If you are contacting us with a product specific complaint, please make sure to include the batch code listed on the pack. This can be found on the base of the pack next to the barcode.

The Spice Tailor was founded by chef Anjum Anand and is a range of Indian and Asian cooking kits. Made using only the best, all-natural ingredients, we cook using authentic techniques in small batches to ensure the very best premium quality food is delivered to your home.

Our kits all contain whole spices and all the base elements you need to cook delicious world cuisine. Made from all-natural ingredients, there’s no nasties and no added preservatives and they take minutes to cook. All you need to add are your favourite fresh ingredients, such as meat, fish, or vegetables. A great way to create delicious meals for any occasion in a moment.

Anjum is a chef, cookbook writer and founder of The Spice Tailor. After writing her first cook book in 2003, she’s since written eight cook books, presented 2 BBC series and 1 SBS series, all on Indian food. She’s also appeared on numerous cooking TV shows and in newspapers and magazines around the world.

Rather than using artificial preservatives, we use a high heat sterilisation process to keep the food and flavours fresh without the need for any preservatives. Our packaging has, therefore, been carefully selected to ensure you get the food how we intended it to be received. We’re equally as passionate about our environment as we are about food. We’re currently looking into our packaging and aiming to move to recycled plastics by 2023.

Cooking with The Spice Tailor

All our kits are designed to be cooked in under 15 minutes. We generally follow a simple approach to cooking and most of our kits have a 3-step process and we provide clear instructions on the pack. Our website also has clear instructions on how to use each kit. Each of our kits can be tailored to taste, either using your own creations or we’ve also got hundreds of recipe ideas to give you a helping hand.

You can find an array of recipes to cook with our kits on our website. We’re always adding new recipes to help inspire you to try new ideas in the kitchen.

Our kits are versatile and can to be used in a slow cooker. However, depending on the ingredients you’re cooking with, you may need to add a splash of water to stop them from sticking to the pan.

All of our products need to be consumed within 3 days of opening if refrigerated.

Our products are completely flexible and you can tailor to taste. We provide the necessary spices we believe you need. However, you can remove them from the recipe if you prefer. You can also grind the spices up and add them. And you can also take out the large whole spices after cooking your dish.

We design our meals and products with everyone in mind. Of course, everyone has a different taste preference, so it’s up to you. We do recommend that the mild curries and daals are a good way to introduce young kids to curries.

Allergens, Ingredients and Nutritionals

Our kits can all contain trace amounts of gluten and are not gluten free. If you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, we do not recommend you consume our kits.

Some of our kits do contain dairy directly in the recipe and the rest can contain trace amounts of dairy or lactose (which we are working on making vegan from 2023). We do not recommend our products for people with a dairy or lactose allergy or intolerance. A list of ingredients for each individual kit is available on our website.

All of our kits have different flavours and spices and, therefore, have very different ingredients. Please visit the kits on our website to read the nutritional information. Please note that all of our kits may contain traces of dairy, mustard, nuts, sesame, peanuts, celery, sulphites, gluten and soya. So, please avoid if you have an intolerance to any of these ingredients.

All of our kits have different flavours and spices and, therefore, have very different nutritional values. Please visit the kits on our website to read the nutritional information.

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