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Indian Curry Kits

Indian Curry Kits

Our all-natural curries are caringly cooked as they should be, in stages. This builds the layers of flavour to achieve the authentic taste we are known and loved for. From the mild to spicy, from, lesser-known to well-loved, there is something for everyone.

Customer Reviews

Absolutely perfect

"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful your packets are. They are the best Indian sauces we have ever eaten! We no longer buy any of the other Indian sauces we used to use. Nothing compares to The Spice Tailor. I just had to tell you how fantastic and tasty your products are"

- Sharon in Canada
Delicious 😋

"Had this with chicken and added a bit of my own spinach and then served with fresh coriander. We found it delicious and quick and easy to make. Highly recommended."

- Patricia W.
The 'go-to' curry...

"We just cooked your Classic Butter Chicken - and oh my gosh, it was the best ever. My youngest daughter - who whinges about every meal - ate the whole meal with nothing left on the plate. It had so much flavour and was so enjoyable. Thank you so much"

-Jennie Allum
Really enjoyed this one

"I want to thank you profusely for your phenomenal range of sauces! I was absolutely relieved when I discovered your sensational range of sauces. They taste so authentic and delicious - as if they came from an Indian restaurant! I can now look forward to my dinners at home."

-George from Australia

"I can only describe the kits you put together as sensational - particularly the Fiery Goan Curry, which has a special place in my belly."

-Mark from Australia
From delicious curries to fusion favourites, you can use our Indian Curry Kits to add flavour to almost any meal. Explore classic curries, our Tikka Masala Lasagne, Fiery Loaded Nachos, Coconut Chicken Tray-Bake, Spaghetti Bolognese and much more.
Cheats Egg Curry
Cheats Pork and Potato Vindaloo
Easy Chicken Biryani
Mouth-watering Malabar Prawn Biryani
Ricotta-stuffed aubergines in a spiced tomato and spinach sauce
Tomato Chicken Kebabs with Garlic and Sesame Yoghurt
Chicken Tikka Baguettes
Chicken Tikka Masala with Crispy Ginger and Herby Yoghurt
Chicken, Pepper and Onion Masala
Creamy Spicy Prawn Karahi
Elegant Paneer Terrine in a Tikka Masala Sauce
Grilled Halloumi and Eggplant Wraps with Herbed Yogurt
Grilled Tandoori Chicken with Wholegrain Salad and Mint Yogurt
Leftover Turkey Tikka Masala Pizza
Lightly Spiced Sausage, Chorizo and Bean Casserole
Mediterranean Vegetable Tart
Mixed Seafood Masala Curry
Paneer Tikka Masala
Paneer, Pea and Mushroom Masala
PLT Sandwich
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spiced Veggie Lasagna
Tikka Seared Tuna Steaks with Sour Cream and Soft Herbs
Tikka Tomato Rice 3 x Ways
Ultimate Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza
Ultimate Turkey Tikka Masala Pizza
Vegetable and Chicken Enchiladas
Vegetable and Ricotta Enchiladas
Butternut Squash, Kale and Feta Gratin
Cannellini Bean and Vegetable Curry
Coconut Chicken and Vegetable Tray Bake
Coconut Egg Curry
Eggplant and Spinach Coconut Curry
Kerala Chilli Fish Curry
Keralan Coconut Broth with Corn-on-the-Cob and Cannellini Beans
Keralan Coconut Curry
Keralan Coconut Dauphinoise Potatoes
Keralan Coconut Mudcrab Curry by Harry Foster
Keralan Coconut Seafood Gratin
Keralan Coconut Vegetable Curry
Keralan Coconut Vegetable Curry with Crispy Curry Leaves
Proper Keralan Chicken Curry
Roasted Pumpkin Curry
Spicy South Indian Prawn Curry
Sticky Ginger Pork Stir-fry with a Coconut Broth and Rice Noodles
Summery chicken and vegetable Stew
Cheat’s Lamb biryani
Creamy Rogan Mushrooms
Indian Spiced Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Lamb Meatball Curry
Mushroom “Cheesesteak”
Restaurant-Style Beef Rogan Josh with Mango Raita
Restaurant-style Chicken Rogan Josh
Spiced Indian Lamb and Peas Keema
Spiced Lamb with New Potatoes and Dill
Chicken Vindaloo with Roasted Cashews
Fiery Goan Beef Stir-Fry
Fiery Goan Chicken Curry with Chilli and Pickles
Fiery Goan Curry
Fiery Goan Eggplant, Potato And French Bean Curry
Fiery Goan Glazed Ham
Fiery Maple Glazed BBQ Chicken
Fiery Pork Curry
Indian Fried Chicken 65
Loaded Jackfruit Nachos
Loaded Spicy Chicken Nachos
Ricotta-Stuffed Pasta Shells in Fiery Tomato Sauce
Spicy Goan Mackerel Curry
Spicy Goan Pork Filo “Empanadas”
Spicy Jackfruit Curry Pizza
Spicy Mexican Tortilla Pie
Spicy Mushroom, Squash and Goat's Cheese Parcels
Spicy Pulled Chicken Burgers
Baked Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
Chicken and Vegetable Pot Pie
Chicken Korma Curry with Saag and Crispy Garnish
Chicken Korma Poutine
Comforting Spiced Sprouts
Creamy Chicken and Dill Curry
Creamy Chicken, Mushroom and Sweet Potato Korma Tray-Bake
Elegant Filo Topped Vegetable Curry
Fish Korma with Spinach and Tomatoes
Hearty Chicken & Mushroom Pie
One-Pot Salmon and Asparagus Korma
Peas, Beans, Spinach and Sweetcorn Korma
Savoury Korma Bread and Butter Pudding
Tandoori Grilled Korma Chicken Wraps
Baked Paneer and Spinach Stuffed Eggplants
Bombay Potatoes
Chicken and Winter Veg Tray-Bake
Chicken Quesabirria with an Indian Twist
Christmas Spiced Turkey
Classic Butter Chicken
Classic Butter Chicken with Rice
Grilled Spiced Butter Chicken Thighs
Lasagna with an Indian twist
Lightly Spiced Shakshuka with Spinach
Mixed Seafood Classic Butter Curry
Oven-Baked Vegetable and Tofu Ratatouille
Pan-Fried Tomato Fish Curry
Pork and Fennel-Seed Meatballs in a Creamy Tomato Curry
Restaurant-Style Butter Chicken
Spiced Chicken Sloppy Joes
Spiced Turkey Sloppy Joes
Veggie Moussaka with an Indian Twist