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Lentil Daal Kits

Préparations Au Dahl Et Lentilles

Bourrés de protéines végétales provenant des meilleures lentilles ou pois chiches, nos préparations au dahl, primées et soigneusement conçues, ne prennent que 5 minutes à cuisiner chez vous. Ils sont tout naturels, entièrement parfumés et constituent les repas végétariens les plus réconfortants servis avec du riz. Ils peuvent servir aussi pour préparer des hamburgers, soupes et bien plus encore.

Avis des clients

A balanced blend of spices

I have tried all your daals and love them. For once, a meal pack that is restaurant quality; not only easy to make but delicious every time. I used to say the best thing I can make for dinner is a reservation. Now I just grab your daal packs from my pantry and dinner is served in 5 minutes.

-Vanessa Frewin
Better than our local take away

I tried your Bengali Coconut Daal. Absolutely fantastic - the future for me looks to be made a deal easier with your products, which I have found - so far - to be quite superior to some of the mixes I have experimented with, and have a taste not far removed from home cooked meals

Absolutely delicious!

Thank you for a delicious dinner tonight. We had the Delhi Black Makhani Daal. It delivered on flavour, authenticity and heat level. We normally only enjoy mild curries, but this had all the flavour with just a tiny hint of chilli. We will definitely try more of your products.

-Linda and David from Victoria
Tasty & satisfying

The creaminess of the lentils [in your Classic Lentil Tarka Daal] infused with the soft heat of the chillies and mustard seed and the velvety tang of the tomatoes and onions made me realize just how good lentils can be. Once again, I thank you for allowing me the pleasure of your food.

-Paul from Rochdale
Better than expected

I just wanted to thank you for the very delicious Classic Tarka Daal. I had it for dinner last night and found it was delicious. I was born in Lahore and Punjabi food is food for my soul. The daal tasted lovely and authentic.

Garnies de toutes les délicieuses superpositions de parfums, des épices et d’autres ingrédients indiens, nos préparations aux lentilles et haricots constituent une excellente base pour une multitude de recettes végétariennes. Découvrez nos burgers, soupes, galettes de lentilles, falafels aux pois chiches et bien plus encore.
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